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Biblical Habits of Happiness

6/1/14 to 8/10/14

The book of Philippians 

Vacation Bible School 
Dave and the Giant Pickle
July 21-25, 2014

If you would like for your children to attend Vacation Bible School this year, we would love to have them. If you want to register them, simple click the link below and print the registration form, fill it out, and either drop it off by the church office or email here

Registration Form - Click the link 

Everything you need to know in one easy spot. Just visit the I'm New section 

8:45 am - Traditional

A traditional style of worship which usually consists of a responsive reading, traditional hymns, a choir, and the use of a pipe organ. 

11:00 am - The Celebration

The Celebration is a modern worship service which that still connects with the traditions of the past. Music is contemporary in style and upbeat.


Sandy Hook is located on Taylor Road just east of Chili's.