Sandy Hook

Build - Introduce -Transform

Our Purpose and Beliefs

Our Purpose

To build a community which introduces people to a relationship with Jesus and transforms them into His devoted followers.

Our Beliefs our Creator. He loves us. He seeks a relationship with us. He judges us. the Son of God, who was without sin. He died and rose again so that we may be saved and have eternal life.

THE HOLY God's presence that comforts, guides, and empowers us in the world today. the true word of God which we are to use to direct our lives. the Body of Christ, a place to worship, a place to fellowship, find support, pray for each other, and take communion together. The scriptural goal of the church is to bring others to accept salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ.

Because of Our Purpose and Our Beliefs we are compelled to be focused, be intentional, and use every means and resource available to fulfill the purpose God has given us.